Landlord Fined $750 for Fire Code Violation 

BRANTFORD, ON – Mar 9, 2016 – Frederick Protopapa pled guilty and was fined $750 in Provincial Offences Court today for a single violation of the Ontario Fire Code. Mr. Protopapa is the owner of a rental apartment building on Dundas Street East in Brantford Ontario. The Fire Code requires doors in fire separations to be in good repair and to close and latch automatically. A basement door in Mr. Protopapa’s building was damaged and did not properly cover the opening in the doorway and required replacement in order to prevent the spread of fire from one area of the building to another. An Inspection Order was issued when the violation was discovered and the building owner was given time to correct the violation by the Fire Department. When Mr. Protopapa failed to make the repairs by the required deadline, steps were taken to start court proceedings. Today’s conviction is the conclusion of the court action and the repairs have since been made. “A closed door and fire separations can make a big difference in the spread of fire and in the subsequent damage a fire does. A proper fire separation or closed door may even save someone’s life” said Fire Prevention Officer Darren Zettler. 

For more information, please contact:

Darren Zettler
Fire Prevention Officer
Fire Prevention Division
Brantford Fire Department