Have A Plan 

emergency sign

Family Members Must Plan Together

Families can cope with an emergency by preparing and working together as a team. Before you begin developing your family emergency plan, take a few moments to consider the possible emergency situations or potential disasters you could face. These are situations and events that could impact you, your family or your neighbourhood or community. Your best protection in any emergency is in knowing what to do.

In Brantford, it is a good idea to be prepared for the following emergencies:

  • Power outages
  • Severe winter storms
  • Floods
  • Heat emergencies
  • Infectious disease outbreaks
  • Hazardous chemical releases

Talk to your family members to get their views and assistance in building an action plan you and your family can follow to help reduce the possible effects of any emergency or disaster. Involve all family members in the planning process, so that they know what to expect, as well as what to do when an emergency strikes. Routinely practice and update your plan.

Assemble supplies you might need if confined at home or evacuated due to an emergency. Items you will need in an evacuation should be stored in an easy-to-use container such as a backpack or duffle bag.

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