Be Informed 

emergency sign

An emergency can happen at any time, whether it's a power outage, a flood, a winter storm, a chemical spill, a disease outbreak, or any other natural, person-cause, or accidental disaster. During an emergency, you can be assured that the City and its partners in emergency preparedness will work together to respond to the situation. Our public safety and health officials are prepared to quickly respond to protect you and your family.

Citizens and businesses of our community also have roles to play. By doing a few basic things to prepare yourself, your family, your business, and your home, you can help us help you. The more planning you do before an emergency, the better you will be able to cope during an emergency.

Whether to protect your family or your business, you need to take some time to consider the risks that we all face and take appropriate measures to protect what is important to you.

Emergency Management Ontario

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