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The Brantford Fire Department is a modern, fully equipped emergency service under the direction of Fire Chief, Shane Caskanette.  The Fire Department is a full-time department with the following divisions:


The Administration Division is comprised of five staff members who provide administrative assistance and support services to the other divisions within the Department. The primary responsibility of the division is the preparation and management of the Fire Department's capital and operational budgets.

  • Fire Chief Shane Caskanette
  • Deputy Chief Todd Binkley
  • Administrative Assistant Jen Fredenburgh 

Additional Functions:

  • Purchase requirements, payments and accounting services
  • Facilities maintenance and repair co-ordination
  • Recruitment and payroll forms processing


dispatcher at work station

The Brantford Fire Department operates and maintains a communications centre that serves the City of Brantford. Currently we have eight full-time Communications Centre Operators, two assigned to each of our four Platoons.  The main duty of our Communications Centre Operators is to dispatch emergency apparatus to incidents. 

Additional Functions:

  • Communication with apparatus during alarms
  • Receive and re-route administrative phone calls
  • Maintenance of records on CriSys system
  • Maintaining current information on apparatus status
  • Relaying information regarding hazardous material
  • Co-ordination and maintenance of emergency contact information and maps

Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Division is comprised of eight persons:

  • 1 Chief Fire Prevention Officer
  • 6 Fire Prevention Officers
  • 1 Support Services Assistant

The Fire Prevention Division has three mandates:  the enforcement of the Ontario Fire Code and the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, Fire Investigations and to provide fire safety education to the citizens of Brantford.

Additional Functions:

  • Compiling of Department Statistics and Records Management
  • Complaints/Inquires:
    • Smoke Alarms
    • Electrical
    • Fire Hazards
  • Educational Programs:
    • Children's Safety Village - Grades 2, 4 & 6
    • TAPP-C
    • World Series of Fire Safety
    • Portable Fire Extinguisher Seminar
    • Industrial Training Programs
    • Babysitters
  • Fire Investigations
  • Enforcement of the Ontario Fire Code - Annual Inspections:
    • Day Care Centres
    • Group Home & Lodging Houses
    • Hospitals
    • Hotel & Motels
    • Public Halls
    • Schools
    • Other occupancies as needed
  • Ontario Fire Code - Retrofit 9.5, 9.6 & 9.8 Inspections
  • Ontario Fire Code - Routine Inspections
  • Public Education:
    • Seniors
    • Foster Parents
    • Landlords
    • As Requested
  • Wood Stove Inspections
  • Liquor License Approvals
  • Plans Examination - Ontario Building Code, Site Plan Control Review
  • Municipal Business License Inspections
  • Special Projects as assigned by the Fire Chief

Fire Suppression

The Fire Suppression Division is responsible for firefighting (entailing the combating, extinguishing and preventing of fires and the saving of life and property), as well as rapidly and efficiently performing various duties under emergency conditions which frequently involve considerable hazards.

Protection and the reduction of damage to the environment due to fires, hazardous materials, natural disasters are also part of the firefighting mandate.

Work also includes routine duties in the maintenance of firefighting equipment and fire department property.

Additional Functions:

  • Water and ice rescue
  • Search and rescue of persons trapped or injured
  • Emergency medical services
  • Accident extrication
  • Public education of fire safety
  • Home fire safety visits
  • Public relations

Our Suppression personnel are assigned to one of four Platoons. Each Platoon at full strength would consist of the following:

  • 1 Platoon Chief 
  • 5 Captains 
  • 2 Communications Dispatchers 
  • 21 Firefighters


The Mechanical Division is responsible for maintaining day-to-day reliability of department vehicles.

Additional Functions:

  • Annual testing and inspection of vehicles and equipment
  • Preventative vehicle maintenance programs
  • Research and preparation of apparatus replacement specifications
  • Fire hose repair and replacement specifications
  • Recalibration of multi-gas detection units
  • Assisting with procedures for equipment usage and maintenance


The primary function of the Training Division is to train Fire Department personnel. It is the responsibility of the Chief Training Officer to set the curriculum of training and education for probationary firefighters as well as current staff. This training is conducted in conjunction with the Platoon Officers.

Additional Functions:

  • Eligibility exams and tests for classification promotions
  • Ensure emergency medical service training is conducted
  • Fireground emergency operations training
  • Officer training sessions
  • Licence classification examinations
  • Co-ordination and training of hazardous materials, vehicles extrication, medical training and oversight, etc
  • Career development
  • Continuous update of video and reference library
  • Maintaining department training records

The Fire Department is also a member of the Emergency Operations Advisory Group for the City of Brantford.

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