City of Brantford Fire Department

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Recreational Fires
Are Not Permitted
Within The City

Reminder, recreational "open air burning" is not permitted within the City of Brantford.

Learn More About The City's Rules on Chimineas & Campfires

Working Smoke Alarms: It’s the Law!

All homes must have working smoke alarms on every level.

Learn more about smoke alarms in the home

Carbon Monoxide:
A Silent Killer

Carbon monoxide (CO) is often referred to as the Silent Killer as it is odourless and tasteless. Exposure to small concentrations of CO causes flu like symptoms; in larger concentrations or over longer durations, it is lethal. Protect yourself and your loved ones by ensuring all fuel burning appliances are serviced regularly and by installing a CSA approved carbon monoxide alarm.

Learn More About Carbon Monoxide

As Brantford’s Fire Chief, I am honoured and privileged to serve the 133 dedicated men and women of the Brantford Fire Department, City Council, and the citizens of Brantford. The Brantford Fire Department has a long and proud history of safeguarding the lives and property of our community.

Our highly skilled and trained members are committed to delivering fire protection services that consistently exceed expectations.

We are committed to public and responder safety and are proud to work alongside our valued community partners to enhance fire protection services and safety in our community.

We embrace the diversity of our community and make every effort to engage the public at all levels to better understand our communities specific needs and circumstances.

I am proud of the lasting relationships we have forged with our community through the efforts of our members  delivering exceptional fire protection services each and every day.

Regretfully, preventable fatalities continue to occur due to the lack of functioning Smoke and CO alarms.  A working smoke and carbon monoxide alarm is the easiest and most cost effective measure to protect you and your family.

I urge you to test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms today and every month.

If you need assistance testing your smoke alarms please contact us and a member of the Brantford Fire Department would be happy to assist in any way possible.


Shane Caskanette
Fire Chief